My KC Adventure

About being a dad and Leading the puppet team at my church


Here’s an important lesson to learn.

If you’re in any kind of ministry

And you work with teen and pre-teens.

YOU gotta be flexible people!

Schedules,last minute cancellations, crisis crisis crisis!

So at the last possible moment I totally tossed my sure fire plan


And came up with something successful after all!



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Missions Weekend

It was Missions Weekend at our church.  It’s one of the few times our satellite church Grace North does something separate from the main campus.  After all it would be a tough fit getting all the ministries represented to fit in to our lobby.  It was tough enough getting them to fit in the main building.  However since Grace North doesn’t have a Saturday evening service it’s possible to attend both.

Steve Saint Our Guest Speaker

Every year Missions Weekend is  a good time to reflect and check my inner compass.  After all, one way or another we’re all on a mission.  But it’s also true every one of us has a roll to play in missions, whether it’s halfway around the world or right in our very own neighborhood.

For those of us involved in Sunday school, Children’s Church, Kid’s Celebration, whatever you want to call it we have an obligation to get our kids excited about missions.  One day they will have there own part to play in fulfilling The Great Commission.  Whether it’s something simple like taking an offering in Kid’s Celebration to support a missions project, or keeping track of their older siblings in Christ go on their first short term missions trip in their youth group, they all have a roll.

Biggest of all is the feeling I have deep down that someday one perhaps two or maybe even three of the children I come in contact with, may one day receive the call to the mission field.  And somehow that calling process could begin in their Sunday School class.

So for that reason I need to check my compass.

Full speed ahead people, steady on, The KC Adventure is right on track!

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Killing the Critic

Last Sunday was our first puppet show since officially launching as a ministry team over the summer.  While of course there’s plenty of room for improvement I was very proud of the way everyone worked together to make it all work.  There’s nothing like getting that first laugh and even getting a few giggles in spots we didn’t expect.

Soon I hope to start record our shows so we can see what we really need to focus on.  But before I can do that I’ll need to bind and gag my critical spirit and toss that in a storage closet.  Otherwise I’ll be too ashamed of my performance to watch the thing.  😉

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The view from Under the Stage

A blog can be a journal or a diary for all the world to read.  This one is a record of my transition from Sunday School classroom helper to starting a puppet ministry at my church.  It’s got to the point where perhaps a name change is in order, like calling it

“The view from Under the Stage.”

On the other hand even if the ministry of “God’s Little Disciples” becomes (if ever) more well known for the work we do outside the four walls of the church our main purpose will always be to serve the children who attend Kid’s Celebration.  And for that reason the blog should reflect that fact.  So the name “My KC Adventure” remains.

So if anyone wants to use the name

“The View From Under the Stage,” for their puppet ministry blog, feel free!

-And the KC Adventure, rolls on!

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Being a Leader

One of the things that God has to knock through my thick skull is just how seriously He wants me to take this whole puppet ministry thing.

A)  Yes, it is a “ministry”

B)  Puppets are a legitimate art form that combines the visual arts (painting, sculpture,set design,etc) and the performing arts. (acting, singing dance)

C)  As a ministry it is to be done “Unto the Lord.”  Which means pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depends on me.

D)  Every ministry needs a leader and this is a wake up call for me to LEAD!

This is why The Holy Spirit’s been pounding my head about how to be a leader.  And

“Gee what a coincidence!”

my church was a host site for A Leadership Conference!

What can I say.  It’s the big thing I have in common with The Apostle Peter.  We’re both a couple of hard headed rednecks!

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So now that the whole  family is helping with puppets,

and we’re working on recruiting some awesome helpers from our youth group!

It is now time to plan for a great year!

So now we need a name for our new team!





(Oh Yeah!)

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My Post Easter Puppet Adventure

It would be nice if we found our digital camera so that frustrated photog me could maybe take a picture of my puppets.

(Rather than using stock internet pictures)


Or better yet bribe someone to video them in action.

My puppets names are Elwood and Dimitri.

Elwood is a good name to yell for when he gets in trouble or frustrates his older brother Dimitri.

It’s like a certain chipmunk,



“Elwood, what’s special about Easter?”

“Getting an Easter Basket filled with toys”

“No, try again,”

“Chocolate bunnies!”

“No, try again,”

“An Easter Egg Hunt!”

“ELWOOD! You silly goose!  Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday!”

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It’s Good 2B Organized!

Now armed with pre-made scripts AND
a chance to properly rehearse them AND
a brand new puppet stage for the younger children downstairs (Can you dig it!!!) we can really strive for excellence!!!

But best of all it’s great to hear how much the children enjoy the shows.

Who knows, they might even learn something valuable along the way.  😉

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It’s a good thing I hang out in the KC wing after my puppet show is finished.  Thanks to Daylight Saving Time half of our nine o’clock service kids showed up for the 11 o’clock service.  Which means,



To make matters worse one of the regular teachers was away so they had to combine one of the classes already.  Then when you add the fact an unusual amount were attending our late service,


Thankfully God knows what we need before we ask Him.  And every joint supplies just like the bible says the church is supposed to work.  Especially a church where God has sent so many talented people.

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Our Best Day Ever

We had our Kid’s Fest today.

Instead of our usual Sunday program we had skits for the kids to watch with plenty of games and treats. It’s a great thing for kids to invite their unchurched friends to.

It’s all about evangelism and all about sharing the love of Jesus.

Best of all there was an invitation to recieve Christ in a wonderful way children could understand.  In total about 15 kids went into a room for a special talk with our program coordinator Kim.

By the time she was through the kids definatly understood what a serious thing receiving Christ really is.  The kids all had to tell Kim exactly what that meant to them.  One of the boys in the group was my nine year old son.

(Oh my)

Meanwhile some of the kids who didn’t come forward had already received Christ.  One of them is slowly showing the fruit of her commitment.  That would be my 11 year old daughter.

Like I said,


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