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My Holy Spirit Missions Buzz

The Holy Spirit
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It was a Holy Spirit missions buzz, from a man named buzz.

Buzz Maxey was the guest speaker at church this morning for missions Sunday.  He is a missionary to Papua, Indonesia.

Throughout the years I’ve heard dozens of missionary sermons and after a while if you’re not careful you can become jaded.  They can all start to sound the same after a while.

“Yeah, yeah yeah!  We all need to ask God what is our part is in missions.”

Not yesterday!

Not after getting drafted (willingly) into ministry.  Yesterday while brother Buzz was preaching,

I got “buzzed” by The Holy Spirit!

It was more like . . .

You all need to ask God! (ZAP!)

What is your part

in missions?  (POW!)

So I did.  “God, what is my part in missions?”

Answer : “Think of ways to get the kids more involved in missions.”

Reply:  “YES LORD!  SIR!”

So after the service I touched base with our “KC” coordinator who told me she’s thinking on the same lines as me.

So we’ll see what we come up with.

Talk about a Holy Spirit missions buzz.  😉

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Waterfalls Baby!

Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Park. This is (on...
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Today was all about waterfalls, baby!  Which made me think of Niagara Falls.  Being the cybergeek that I am I had to look up all kinds of stuff on the internet.

So when I looked  up Niagara Falls on “Good Search,”


That’s when I found the Niagara Falls webcam.

Then there’s the nearest thing to Big Niagara in the Albany NY area, Cohoes Falls.

The whole point being about letting God’s love flow like a big waterfall.

Don’t block the love, let it flow!

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Operation Andrew

From the latest church newsletter . . .

Unlike adults, most children are free off fear when sharing
their faith with others and we want to help them do that. This fall, we are
offering your 1 thru 6th grade children the opportunity to create a short list
of friends, family and neighborhood children whom they will pray for, be a
friend to and invite to a special day of fun on November 15th in Kids’ Celebration.  We are calling this outreach Sunday “KidzFest” and will be using a pamphlet called “Operation Andy” from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The pamphlet is named for the Apostle Andrew who brought his brother to see Jesus (John 1:41-42).”

One thing I’ve learned about the way God uses our kids.  The wise adult knows how to get out of the way!  Kids always share what they really like with their friends.  If they know how to pray they share it with their friends.  If they love their church group, they’ve already invited their friends.

Kid’s Fest and Operation Andrew are both a heads up for all of us grown ups.  The Holy Spirit will be using our children to start the next revival.

After all, Andrew didn’t just bring his brother Peter to Jesus.  He was also the one who found a little boy with five loaves and two fish!  Look what Our Lord did with that!

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Praying For A New School Year

Because of the address the president is giving school children on Tuesday it’s become even more important to pray for our schools now more than ever.  No matter what agenda the president may have we know who really has a plan for our children.  For “Greater is He (Jesus) who is in them (our kids) than he (the devil) who is in the world.”

Also, Tuesday is the start of the  new school year for most of the kids here in New York State.  So it’s time to say a prayer for all the school districts represented in my church, starting with the district my kids are in.

Feel free to add your own district in the reply section if you don’t see it here.

Schenectady City Schools

Superintendent Eric D. Ely

The Board of Education
2009 – 2010

Maxine Brisport
Diane Herrmann
Vice President
Linda Bellick
James Casino
Gary Farkas
Jeff Janiszewski
Lisa Russo

Central Park International Magnet School K-8
Tonya Federico,  Principal
421 Elm Street, Schenectady, NY  12304


Ballston Spa Central Schools

Dr. Joseph P. Dragone   Superindendent

Board Members

Kathy Jarvis, President,

Jeanne Obermayer Vice President,

Keith Stewart,

Nancy Fodera,

Daniel Cramer,

Kevin Schaefer,

Frank Townley.


Shenendahowa Central Schools

Superintendent Dr. L. Oliver Robinson

Board Members

Janet Grey, President, of Clifton Park,

Sharon B. Bowles, Vice President, of Clifton Park,

William Acker, of Rexford,

Mary Blaauboer, of Clifton Park,

Gary A. DiLallo, of Clifton Park,

Richard Mincher of Rexford,

Mary Wiggins, of Clifton Park,

“May all those responsible for our children’s education, fear God and seek His wisdom.  May they realize it’s the people they serve (Not the other way around) and to put aside politics and self serving agendas.  In Jesus Name AMEN!”

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