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My Worst Critic

Jesus said as recorded in Mathew 5,

“Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.”

Sometimes we’re merciful to everyone except us.  We’re our own worst critic.  Too many goals and too high standards can lead to people beating themselves up one side and down the other.  If we treated others the way we treat ourselves WE’D BE LOCKED UP FOR SURE!!!

Be merciful to yourself if you’ve had tough day yelling at your kids.

So what if you’re not super TV Cosby dad.

Real dads do what it they have to do and come back for more.

Screw ups fits and all.

Don’t be your worst critic, be your best friend!

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Exploding Dad Alert!!!

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Welcome to the culture war!

Christian parent who gives a darn vs. DISNEY!

It’s a culture war and YOU’VE BEEN DRAFTED!!!

The enemy has a pack of lies and here’s one more.

“You are a nobody and it’s really a BIG DEAL unless you get romantically involved with a member of the opposite sex by the time you’re sixteen.”

French kissing and all.

The worst offender i Carly!

Plan of action:  Watch TV with your children.

Get involved and ask them what they think.

Teach them what God’s word says.

When all else fails, find creative alternatives to the one-eyed plasma idiot box!


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