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The Holiday Train is Coming

The Canadian Pacific Railroad Holiday Train is coming to Schenectady.

(From the  Daily Gazette-)

“Canadian Pacific’s 11th annual Holiday Train will stop for the first time in Schenectady on Sunday, bringing along free music and cheer and collecting donations for the local food pantry.

The train will stop at the road-level railroad crossing on Maxon Road Extension at approximately 9:20 p.m. It will remain there until 10 p.m.

Police will block off Maxon Road Extension at Erie Boulevard and at Alexander Street starting at 9 p.m. Parking will be allowed at a siding near the crossing, according to Canadian Pacific spokeswoman Breanne Feigel.

The train also will stop in Cobleskill and Delanson on Sunday, and Saratoga Springs on Monday.”

In years past we’ve met the train when it went through Delanson NY about ten miles south of where we live.  Not only was it great to see the train all lit up but Delanson is small enough and far enough from the beaten track that it still has a Norman Rockwell feel to it even in the 21st Century.

However this year they’re passing right around the corner in the North West corner of my city which will be very handy since it will be late on a school night.  At least the weather will be nice.

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Greater Love Hath No Father,

Greater love hath no father than he march with his kids alongside a silly float in the local holiday parade.

OK, truth be told it was a blast.

Nothing like having the streets lined with people cheering for their favorite local magnet school to bring out everyone’s inner child.

Woo Hoo!

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A KC Puppet Adventure

Today is my first attempt at doing a puppet show.  It’s all about missions.

I”m going to be telling the kids about where their offering money is going every week.  It’s a cause that is becoming nearer and dearer to my heart the more I learn about it and about what’s going on there.

This is a video about the Caanan Children’s home in Uganda.

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The Clock is Ticking!

The clock is counting down!  Kid’s Fest is just two weeks away, when Operation Andrew goes into full swing!  And like everything else they do my kids are viewing it as a competition.

“I’m going to invite three friends!”

“Oh yeah!  Well, I’m going to invite 4!”

I’m ready for any questions parents might ask.  At least our church has a good web site so people know we’re all about keeping it real for God and nothing to do with brainwashing.

Besides, everyone knows our two children are normal.  My son loves The Lord but he also loves to watch WWE wrestling and play Pokemon on his Nintendo DS.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars...
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My daughter is just as apt to invite someone to roller skating and to a High School Musical Themed Party as she is to invite someone to church.

[picapp src=”5/e/4/2/ec.JPG?adImageId=7098434&imageId=3761631″ width=”500″ height=”634″ /]

As for me, I’m pacing the floor.  Once again I’ve been drafted.  This time to help out with entertainment.  I’ll be doing a puppet show in two weeks.

Looks like all those crazy character voices I do will come in handy for something after all.

“Right Dimi!?  (High pitch) 🙂

“You said it, Elwood!”  (Throaty voice) 😉

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