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About being a dad and Leading the puppet team at my church

Our Best Day Ever

We had our Kid’s Fest today.

Instead of our usual Sunday program we had skits for the kids to watch with plenty of games and treats. It’s a great thing for kids to invite their unchurched friends to.

It’s all about evangelism and all about sharing the love of Jesus.

Best of all there was an invitation to recieve Christ in a wonderful way children could understand.  In total about 15 kids went into a room for a special talk with our program coordinator Kim.

By the time she was through the kids definatly understood what a serious thing receiving Christ really is.  The kids all had to tell Kim exactly what that meant to them.  One of the boys in the group was my nine year old son.

(Oh my)

Meanwhile some of the kids who didn’t come forward had already received Christ.  One of them is slowly showing the fruit of her commitment.  That would be my 11 year old daughter.

Like I said,



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Oh no! They Fired Me!

Yup! It’s true!

They fired me.

On the other hand perhaps that’s too strong a word.

First of all my position in the workplace is secure.  My “job” job is doing just fine.

However they are looking for someone to replace me as a classroom teacher at Kid’s Celebration.  It’s not because I messed up.  They found something better for me to do!

It all started a few months ago when they asked me to help out with a puppet show.

Turns out it was really good.

So they asked me to do another puppet  show.

And another, and another.

It turns out they’ve always wanted to add puppets to the overall Sunday School program.

They just never had the right person to do it.

Until now.

So now,in order to do more and better puppet shows they want to find a replacement for me in the classroom.

There you have it.

That’s how I got fired.

Sort of  😉

And the KC adventure rolls on!

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