My KC Adventure

About being a dad and Leading the puppet team at my church

It’s Good 2B Organized!

Now armed with pre-made scripts AND
a chance to properly rehearse them AND
a brand new puppet stage for the younger children downstairs (Can you dig it!!!) we can really strive for excellence!!!

But best of all it’s great to hear how much the children enjoy the shows.

Who knows, they might even learn something valuable along the way.  😉


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It’s a good thing I hang out in the KC wing after my puppet show is finished.  Thanks to Daylight Saving Time half of our nine o’clock service kids showed up for the 11 o’clock service.  Which means,



To make matters worse one of the regular teachers was away so they had to combine one of the classes already.  Then when you add the fact an unusual amount were attending our late service,


Thankfully God knows what we need before we ask Him.  And every joint supplies just like the bible says the church is supposed to work.  Especially a church where God has sent so many talented people.

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