My KC Adventure

About being a dad and Leading the puppet team at my church


It’s a good thing I hang out in the KC wing after my puppet show is finished.  Thanks to Daylight Saving Time half of our nine o’clock service kids showed up for the 11 o’clock service.  Which means,



To make matters worse one of the regular teachers was away so they had to combine one of the classes already.  Then when you add the fact an unusual amount were attending our late service,


Thankfully God knows what we need before we ask Him.  And every joint supplies just like the bible says the church is supposed to work.  Especially a church where God has sent so many talented people.


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It’s going to be an Exciting Year

Last year brought the launch of Grace Fellowship‘s first satellite church Grace North with it’s very own new children‘s ministry “Kid’s Celebration” of which I became a big part of.

This year GN is going to launch it’s own Student Ministry for the 7-12th grade crowd. Since my two little ones will be in that age group before we know it I’m getting involved with that as well.

We’ve got a ways to go before launch day.  Today was just an introduction.  Next comes the training.

But the most awesome thing is how many people the Lord has brought together with prior youth group experience. This can’t be a mere coincidence. Clearly God has some bigger plans for us than we could ever imagine!

It’s going to be an exciting year indeed!

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Dad’s New Workout

Just when I thought I had my kids bus schedule all figured out it shows up early. Here I thought I’d have time for quiet stroll. (This was before the deep freeze set in.)

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=school+buses&iid=1965470″ src=”5/0/c/c/50.jpg?adImageId=8472822&imageId=1965470″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

Anyway, I’m bopping along when I get this frantic call from my daughter telling me they’re already at the bus stop and won’t let them off because of the kindergartner who’s with us. They won’t release a 5 year old until there’s an adult present. And since he’s one of the kids we baby sit I’m supposed to be the adult at the bus stop.

Yes, that would be the bus waiting at the corner for me, that’s early, while I’m still several blocks away.


Well, it wasn’t my old 6 minute mile form and it sure wasn’t poetry in motion. (More like Moe Curly and whatiz name motion) But at least I can still run without killing myself if the need arises.

But from now on I get there early because I’m not sure how many of those workouts I can handle!

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Real Hope!

There’s real hope after all folks.

A new generation is rising up full of faith and full of worship and love for their creator.

All over the world in churches big and small people are dedicated to teaching, mentoring and disciplining the next generation for Christ.

This is where our new pastors, evangelists missionaries and all sorts of great leaders will be coming from.

This song is a favorite of mine. It’s the Hill song Kids with “Super Strong God!”

When I see all the kids at my church Grace North really worshiping God like the children in this video it brings tears to my eyes.

Chances are, the same thing happens to you.  🙂

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More Holiday Fun!

House decorated for Christmas.
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You say you missed The Holiday Train and the big parade in Schenectady?

From CS9 here are several ways you can still give your family a fun outing for the Christmas season.

The best one locally is the big light festival in Albany‘s
Washington Park.

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The Clock is Ticking!

The clock is counting down!  Kid’s Fest is just two weeks away, when Operation Andrew goes into full swing!  And like everything else they do my kids are viewing it as a competition.

“I’m going to invite three friends!”

“Oh yeah!  Well, I’m going to invite 4!”

I’m ready for any questions parents might ask.  At least our church has a good web site so people know we’re all about keeping it real for God and nothing to do with brainwashing.

Besides, everyone knows our two children are normal.  My son loves The Lord but he also loves to watch WWE wrestling and play Pokemon on his Nintendo DS.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars...
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My daughter is just as apt to invite someone to roller skating and to a High School Musical Themed Party as she is to invite someone to church.

[picapp src=”5/e/4/2/ec.JPG?adImageId=7098434&imageId=3761631″ width=”500″ height=”634″ /]

As for me, I’m pacing the floor.  Once again I’ve been drafted.  This time to help out with entertainment.  I’ll be doing a puppet show in two weeks.

Looks like all those crazy character voices I do will come in handy for something after all.

“Right Dimi!?  (High pitch) 🙂

“You said it, Elwood!”  (Throaty voice) 😉

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My Worst Critic

Jesus said as recorded in Mathew 5,

“Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.”

Sometimes we’re merciful to everyone except us.  We’re our own worst critic.  Too many goals and too high standards can lead to people beating themselves up one side and down the other.  If we treated others the way we treat ourselves WE’D BE LOCKED UP FOR SURE!!!

Be merciful to yourself if you’ve had tough day yelling at your kids.

So what if you’re not super TV Cosby dad.

Real dads do what it they have to do and come back for more.

Screw ups fits and all.

Don’t be your worst critic, be your best friend!

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