My KC Adventure

About being a dad and Leading the puppet team at my church

My Post Easter Puppet Adventure

It would be nice if we found our digital camera so that frustrated photog me could maybe take a picture of my puppets.

(Rather than using stock internet pictures)


Or better yet bribe someone to video them in action.

My puppets names are Elwood and Dimitri.

Elwood is a good name to yell for when he gets in trouble or frustrates his older brother Dimitri.

It’s like a certain chipmunk,



“Elwood, what’s special about Easter?”

“Getting an Easter Basket filled with toys”

“No, try again,”

“Chocolate bunnies!”

“No, try again,”

“An Easter Egg Hunt!”

“ELWOOD! You silly goose!  Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday!”


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It’s a good thing I hang out in the KC wing after my puppet show is finished.  Thanks to Daylight Saving Time half of our nine o’clock service kids showed up for the 11 o’clock service.  Which means,



To make matters worse one of the regular teachers was away so they had to combine one of the classes already.  Then when you add the fact an unusual amount were attending our late service,


Thankfully God knows what we need before we ask Him.  And every joint supplies just like the bible says the church is supposed to work.  Especially a church where God has sent so many talented people.

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Oh no! They Fired Me!

Yup! It’s true!

They fired me.

On the other hand perhaps that’s too strong a word.

First of all my position in the workplace is secure.  My “job” job is doing just fine.

However they are looking for someone to replace me as a classroom teacher at Kid’s Celebration.  It’s not because I messed up.  They found something better for me to do!

It all started a few months ago when they asked me to help out with a puppet show.

Turns out it was really good.

So they asked me to do another puppet  show.

And another, and another.

It turns out they’ve always wanted to add puppets to the overall Sunday School program.

They just never had the right person to do it.

Until now.

So now,in order to do more and better puppet shows they want to find a replacement for me in the classroom.

There you have it.

That’s how I got fired.

Sort of  😉

And the KC adventure rolls on!

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The Clock is Ticking!

The clock is counting down!  Kid’s Fest is just two weeks away, when Operation Andrew goes into full swing!  And like everything else they do my kids are viewing it as a competition.

“I’m going to invite three friends!”

“Oh yeah!  Well, I’m going to invite 4!”

I’m ready for any questions parents might ask.  At least our church has a good web site so people know we’re all about keeping it real for God and nothing to do with brainwashing.

Besides, everyone knows our two children are normal.  My son loves The Lord but he also loves to watch WWE wrestling and play Pokemon on his Nintendo DS.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars...
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My daughter is just as apt to invite someone to roller skating and to a High School Musical Themed Party as she is to invite someone to church.

[picapp src=”5/e/4/2/ec.JPG?adImageId=7098434&imageId=3761631″ width=”500″ height=”634″ /]

As for me, I’m pacing the floor.  Once again I’ve been drafted.  This time to help out with entertainment.  I’ll be doing a puppet show in two weeks.

Looks like all those crazy character voices I do will come in handy for something after all.

“Right Dimi!?  (High pitch) 🙂

“You said it, Elwood!”  (Throaty voice) 😉

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Exploding Dad Alert!!!

Walt Disney Pictures
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Welcome to the culture war!

Christian parent who gives a darn vs. DISNEY!

It’s a culture war and YOU’VE BEEN DRAFTED!!!

The enemy has a pack of lies and here’s one more.

“You are a nobody and it’s really a BIG DEAL unless you get romantically involved with a member of the opposite sex by the time you’re sixteen.”

French kissing and all.

The worst offender i Carly!

Plan of action:  Watch TV with your children.

Get involved and ask them what they think.

Teach them what God’s word says.

When all else fails, find creative alternatives to the one-eyed plasma idiot box!


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Drafted Part2

The plan of the enemy is simple. It’s divide and conquer. Everyone has their own TV these days.  While the adults are in one room watching their reality shows and their cliff hanger dramas, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney have the minds and souls of our children.

Their message is so subtle it’s easy for people to say we Christians are paranoid.  Yet when we shine the light of God’s word on something it becomes clear what it really is.

The apostle John warned us in his first letter that many antichrists had gone into the world.  They were all preaching an alternative to the real Christ.  What alternatives are the TV networks preaching to our children?

This is what I’ve seen.

1) Parents mean well but they’re inept.

2) If you work together you can save yourself.

3)Magic is fun even if it’s fantasy.

There’s nothing overtly evil on the surface there until The Word of God shines on it.  Then it becomes clear what we’re up against.

I’m not ready to throw out the TV just yet.  But I know I need to be far far more proactive in teaching my kids about Jesus.

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Daddy’s Fault!

My daughter Katie is helping out at Kid’s Celebration for the summer as well.  In fact she’s putting in more time than I am.  (Go figure)  Her first day went well except that her dad forgot that the smocks we’re supposed to wear are color coded based on our job duties.

Oops!  Daddy’s fault!

-For the record, these views are mine and belong to no one else.

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This is a blog about my adventures as a helper in my church’s children ministry. At Grace North in Half Moon NY we call our children ministry, “Kid’s Celebration.”

This was the first week of the Summer CO-OP. It’s where parents can chip in and help out so the regular staffers can have some time off and recharge. It’s also a chance for newbies like me to jump in and get my feet wet.

I start next week. Let the adventure begin!

-For the record, these views are mine and belong to no one else.

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