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About being a dad and Leading the puppet team at my church

My Post Easter Puppet Adventure

It would be nice if we found our digital camera so that frustrated photog me could maybe take a picture of my puppets.

(Rather than using stock internet pictures)


Or better yet bribe someone to video them in action.

My puppets names are Elwood and Dimitri.

Elwood is a good name to yell for when he gets in trouble or frustrates his older brother Dimitri.

It’s like a certain chipmunk,



“Elwood, what’s special about Easter?”

“Getting an Easter Basket filled with toys”

“No, try again,”

“Chocolate bunnies!”

“No, try again,”

“An Easter Egg Hunt!”

“ELWOOD! You silly goose!  Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday!”


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Once again my daughter Katie is putting in more time helping out his summer at church than am. Dear old dad was sidelined this week with sinus problems.

As anyone with allergies knows this has been one tough year. My sinuses have been a proverbial thorn in my side my whole life. But like Paul I can say God’s grace is sufficient for me.

That’s a good thing since I cant take aspirin anymore. ARGH!

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